Money doesn’t buy happiness; but it sure pays the bills!

Why is it that when we first meet someone, one of our first questions is “what do you do in life”? “oh I’m a dentist” or “I’m a surgeon” or “I’m a garbage truck driver”.. Instantly, without realizing it, your mind wonders how much they make per year. Why do we think that because someone makes […]

Raising a puppy in all its glory.

I can’t believe I have waited this long to start blogging. So many thoughts I wanted to share with someone other than my boyfriend and family. Sometimes I sit and wonder if I’m the only one who feels a certain way.. So in January 2013 we bought this beautiful puppy and named her Ellie. Ellie […]

Overcoming your cravings..

This past year (as mentioned in previous posts) has been an emotional roller coaster. What normally happens when you go through something that is traumatizing to you? Yes, that’s right, you gain or lose weight. I was not “fortunate” enough to have been in the “losing weight” category; in fact I think I have gained […]