Why do we feel the need to hide our thoughts?

This morning I was just sitting down and enjoying my morning coffee while reading the news and reading other blogs. I read a few blogs and realized some people aren’t afraid of showing their identity but when they do they are afraid of writing exactly what they are thinking. Why is that, I thought. Then I realized I was doing the exact same thing.

I started a blog yesterday but kept my identity hidden because most people who know me don’t know some of the things I have gone through, or I was scared that future employers may read  it and have an impact on my getting that job. But then I though, who cares? Why should I hide my identity just so I can sleep better at night?


So here it is, my name is Caroline. I’m your average girl next door.ImageNow that wasn’t so hard, was it? (A little, yes.) For the past couple of years I have tried hiding who I really am, either to make someone feel more at ease by agreeing with them while everything in me is screaming not to, or simply hiding my tattoos at the fear of being judge. 

I’m a young girl with tattoos; that in itself apparently gives people “the right” to stare in the bus, or on the sidewalk, but why? The tattoos I have (5 in total) all have a story behind them and I love each and every one of them.

I admit, I myself have also judged others. Normally when I catch myself in the act I stand back and think to myself why I feel I have the authority to judge an individual I don’t know. Why is it that when people drive and get cut off by someone else they immediately hate that person and “hope they will get into an accident”? I have heard many people say that out of anger, but how could one hope that somebody else, someone they don’t know nor have they ever met, get into an accident or get injured?


My point is, everyone has the right to be able to say what they truly feel. If others are going to judge, let them be. 


(Keep in mind that although I have not kept my identity hidden, I will keep my loved ones hidden; out of respect.)


Happy Blogging!

– Caroline .


2 thoughts on “Why do we feel the need to hide our thoughts?

  1. Caroline you have no idea how many blogs I’ve started under a hidden identity also. Then I said forget that why should I? If anyone doesn’t like what I have to say then so be it. I have two tattoos and I’m a mom of 2 boys! Doesn’t make me a bad person. Kelly Ripa on the morning show has a few also lol and look she is on national television! Great blog!

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