Overcoming your cravings..

This past year (as mentioned in previous posts) has been an emotional roller coaster. What normally happens when you go through something that is traumatizing to you? Yes, that’s right, you gain or lose weight. I was not “fortunate” enough to have been in the “losing weight” category; in fact I think I have gained a whole 25lbs just in the last year alone.

For someone who has always been able to gain weight and lose it just as quickly, you can imagine my surprise when the pounds kept “packing” on and I was not losing them. I made excuses in my head “Oh it’s okay if I eat take-out today, I had a really crappy week” or even better “I’m feeling depressed and don’t feel like cooking, let’s go out for supper” or the best one yet “It’s just a chocolate bar, it’s just a bag of chips, it’ won’t affect me” Oh but it does. One year later, I can honestly say that it does!

Last Sunday I decided I would start a “no junk-food eating challenge” for a month or two by the hopes that when I reach my “deadline” my thoughts will have gone from “I REALLY want that…” to “I don’t want or need that…”.

Here are some of the things that I have included in my no-junk food challenge;

-No chocolate bars

-No candy

-No chips

-No fries

-No frozen breaded fish sticks/chicken strips

-No dark pop (the occasional 7up is ok).

-No popcorn (yes, even at the theatre)

..Anyway, you get the idea!

I’ve almost finished week one and I can truly say I am extremely proud of myself. Just last week I was the kind of person to say “I really want a beavertail while waiting for the bus” and then I would go buy one. Just like that. No thinking of the “consequences” or the effect that the beavertail would have. Not a care in the world. Now however, just one week later, I have declined Iced capps, cake, MacDonalds (not a big fan of it anyway), root beer and cupcakes that were all offered to me at work. Instead I have been sitting in the lunch room snacking on my veggies!

Impressive? I think so. 🙂



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