Raising a puppy in all its glory.

I can’t believe I have waited this long to start blogging. So many thoughts I wanted to share with someone other than my boyfriend and family. Sometimes I sit and wonder if I’m the only one who feels a certain way..

So in January 2013 we bought this beautiful puppy and named her Ellie. Image

Ellie is a purebred Golden Retriever and she was the runt of her litter. When we went to pick up Ellie (who was supposed to be Parker) we we’re driving there and thought we would arrive home with a male.. When we got there and saw the litter (Ellie had two sisters and three brothers) we first decided we would take all the males out but couldn’t figure out which one was meant to be ours. I looked over and saw the females and one stood out- she was smaller than all her brothers and sisters. I asked to see that one and instantly fell in love!

After we brought Ellie home, it wasn’t long before we fell completely in love with her. She was perfect, she couldn’t make her way up the stairs and everything she did- good or bad- was perfect, just perfect! I would spent countless days just cuddling with her and enjoying her company.


Then , as the months went by and she got bigger, that meant we had to buckle up and be responsible dog owners. Let the fun begin! They would say.

Quickly after all the “cuteness” wore off, we realized we were in for a treat… Not the kind of treat you get at the candy store, no, the “pick-up-my-poop-because-I’m-cute” treat. Yes of course we knew what kind of responsibilities came with being a dog owner- both my boyfriend and I being responsible people.

Ellie was growing like a bad weed and so was her attitude. Sometimes I felt like she knew she was mocking me by doing things she wasn’t “allowed” to do but would do it anyway. Sometimes I felt like I had my own “Marley and me” thing going on. There were days when I didn’t know if I wanted to strangle her (Don’t worry.. I don’t mean this literally!!!)  or love her! But at the end of the day, love was always what we felt.

Ellie is now seven months old- that’s what, like a teenager in dog years? She is on obedience class number 5! 😉 And she is growing into this beautiful, remarkable, smart, loving and caring dog! Yes, she is caring! She wants more than nothing to please us, and I’m so glad that we picked her! Training sometimes can be tough, sometimes you feel like all the training you tried was working and then you have that one moment when it feels like you’re back at zero.. But overall, it’s so rewarding! : )

Here’s our little-not-so-little-anymore Ellie!


If you’re a dog owner and want to leave tips and tricks on training that has worked for you or know of some, please feel free! 🙂 Or if you are a fellow dog owner in need of some tips/tricks, by all means, ask away!!! I’d be more than happy to share what has and hasn’t helped us!



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