Money doesn’t buy happiness; but it sure pays the bills!

Why is it that when we first meet someone, one of our first questions is “what do you do in life”? “oh I’m a dentist” or “I’m a surgeon” or “I’m a garbage truck driver”.. Instantly, without realizing it, your mind wonders how much they make per year. Why do we think that because someone makes more money, it instantly means that they are happier? Most of the time it’s actually the complete opposite. Take Mr. Garbage Truck Driver, he may be a lot happier than Mr. Surgeon, but no one would think so, why is that?

If money matters so much, why don’t we learn more about it in school? Why do we learn about so many things that we will most likely not use even once in your lifetime, but we don’t learn about THE one thing we will use for the rest of our lives?

About 75% of teenagers/young adults who come out of school basically get handed a credit card because they are now “old enough” but are they wise enough? I was handed a credit card and built an amazing credit, I didn’t know how to be money-smart though. Just like most young adults who got handed a credit card; I spent money like there was no tomorrow.

I wish I had been forced to sit through classes of learning about finances.. Three years after my first credit card was handed to me, I had triple the amount of cards in my wallet and my credit score was getting lower and lower. Now I’m stuck with paying funds of cards that I spent two years ago. Money is incredibly important in life, learning about it, knowing how to use it, everything about it is important!

At the age of 22 years young, I am now finally starting to realize the importance of it and I am working on having everything paid off. Have you ever been in this situation? What worked to help you save without spending?!

Thanks for reading :).



4 thoughts on “Money doesn’t buy happiness; but it sure pays the bills!

    • Thank you, I wish I could have been this smart AT the time I was handed my first Credit card.. but I’m working on it! 🙂
      I’m not sure if I have heard of him before, I will definitely look him up!! thanks!

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