The smallest things mean the most to others..


Most of us don’t even realize how easy it is to make a stranger’s day.

A simple smile.

A simple “Hello”.

A simple “thank you”.

A simple “How are you today?”.

The most simple things can bring a smile- even if only for an instant– to someone’s face. Humans now a days think that in order to make someone happy you need to buy them something. False.

Say hello to a complete stranger.

Help that old lady cross the road.

Give your seat to an elder on the bus.

Put a couple coins in that man’s guitar case who stands there all day, sometimes without water, to play on the side of the road.

Let someone go ahead of you while driving.

Give your spot to someone in line at the grocery store.

Small, simple and easy things, go a long way in life.



2 thoughts on “The smallest things mean the most to others..

  1. I agree! Passing it forward is a way to think of it. If someone smiles at me, I feel good. I keep smiling. Buy Tim Bits and give them to the two old guys sipping their coffees, looking like they could use something other than the coffee this morning.. It is a great way to think!

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