Can a couple keep their connection without sex?

If two people have a strong sexual confection- as well as emotional- and that connection changes due to trauma, how do you get it back?
You have a relationship that starts out incredibly fun, you do things together, make each other laugh, find yourselves thinking about the other when they’re not around. The first year in a relationship is always the most “fun”, but not necessarily the best. It shapes your future together- should there be one.
If something happens, something traumatic and things change; your love for each other is still there, the physical attraction as well, but the sex life is gone; vanished. A day goes by, that turns into a week, which turns into a month, which turns into almost a year.. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had sex in the past year, but the amount times can pretty much be counted on my two hands.
We’ve had crappy living situations and the fear of getting pregnant is always above our heads, since the abortion.
How do we get passed that?
When we make love it screams with passion.
So why can we not just start all over again?

The love is there.
The passion is there.
The physical attraction is there.
How do we shake the fear?


One thought on “Can a couple keep their connection without sex?

  1. without the bond that sex creates, there needs to be a strong bond of intimacy…and even then, it may not be enough to keep a partner faithful

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