How you know you found the one.


Andrew (formally referred to as John) and I have gone through more things in our 18 months together than some people do in 25 years of marriage.

We’ve had our fights.

We’ve had our rough spots.

We’ve had our amazing times together.

We’ve shared laughs.

We’ve shared tears.

We have gone through numerous things early on in our relationship that most couples would never survive. We’ve suffered job loss, pregnancy, moving to a different province together, abortion…

Every time life throws something our way we take it, deal with it as a couple and then we look back and feel stronger together than ever.

I have thrown curve balls at him, told him I want to eventually -not only adopt- but possibly adopt from abroad, and instead of running away like everyone else probably would, he stood there, thought about it and pictures his life with the addition of a beautiful child we would both love.

He has seen me through my beauty, my tears, my heartache, my depression, my anxiety, my smiles, my laughter, my love, my worry, my way to kick into “mother gear” and he has taken it all in and has done nothing but love me and cherish me more.

I truly believe I have found my soul mate, best friend and my lifetime partner!

(no, we are not!)


It does not matter how old you are, how old you have your first child, how old you are when you get married.. Age is only a number.


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