Yesterday I got home from work and Andrew and I sat down and talked. He mentioned he wanted to start juicing again, funny enough I had been thinking of the exact same thing that afternoon. There’s one catch to Andrew’s new adventure though, what that means is that we are starting a ten day journey where we will do nothing but juicing. Instead of writing an entire blog about this, here are some Q&A that might help you understand our new idea. Also, the entire came from the documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” which can be found on Netflix. 🙂 

Q: Why are you doing this?

A: I am doing this because in the past two years, a lot has happened in my life to cause my body and mind trauma and weight gain. I have lost what seems like all the energy I once had and have found myself to be depressed. My eating habits were not the best, although not the worst either. I needed a drastic life changing opportunity and have been waiting for it to knock on my door, then I stopped waiting and made my own opportunity! 

Q: How are you feeling now, before starting this journey (overall health, body, mind)?

A: In the last two years, since my move to Ottawa, I have gone through traumatic events. Those traumatic events have caused me to gain weight (35+lbs), my anxiety has sky rocketed, I have become depressed, I break down once or twice a week and that all seems normal to me now, as it is “routine”. My mind doesn’t feel as sharp as it once did, causing me to lose a bit of confidence. My “sex drive” is completely gone. I am constantly sick; headaches, stomach aches, back aches, dizzy spells. These are only a few examples of how I have been living my life.

Q: What do you think you will feel like after the ten days?

A: Hungry. Ha ha, just kidding. I think after the first few days most feelings will still be there, I think I will have headaches and feel hungry/sleepy all the time as my body will need to get used to having the juice/water only. I think after the ten days, I am going to see a difference in terms of my energy levels, I think most of my body aches will be gone or leaving. I think I am going to be overall happy and proud of myself! 🙂 I also think that once the ten days are over and we start allowing ourselves to consume food in whole, we will also be more careful as to what we put in our body and the quantity.

Q: You mentioned just juicing, but you can have your coffee and orange juice in the morning, can’t you?

A: Nope. No coffee/tea, no prepared orange juice or juice of any kind. We will only be doing juicing and having water. No snack bars when we’re hungry, just apples/oranges that we can put in the juicer.

Q: Why aren’t you allowing yourself to eat an apple but you allow yourself to put it through the juicer? Isn’t it the same thing?

A: Some may think that it is. When you eat an apple as a whole your body needs to work at breaking it down, when you break it down yourself in form of juice, your body doesn’t work as hard because you’ve done the job for it, already.

Q: How much do you weigh today and how much do you hope to weigh at the end of this short journey?

A: Today I weigh 167.9lbs. I am not putting a number at the end of this journey as it is not a goal of mine. My goal is to overall feel better, feel empowered to be better. Besides, I don’t think a huge weight loss will happen in the first ten days, a few pounds maybe, but it’s what happens after the journey that is important.

Q: Don’t you work? How will you manage to make juice at work?

A: Yes, I work. In the mornings before I leave the house, I will make my juices for my time at work. I will bring a “magic bullet” at work as well allowing me to mix the juice I made well. 🙂


If anyone has any other questions, please feel free to ask me and I will post them in my next blog! 🙂 If you also want to start this journey with us, message me with any questions you may have! I hope you will follow our journey with us, be warned that I have no shame in posting my struggles and accomplishments along the way. We will also be posting what we put in our juices for meals/snacks. 



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