Condo living, here we come! :D

As mentioned in the previous post, these are the pictures from our pre-inspection of our condo.. 🙂


Condo from the outside!



My favorite place in the entire condo, our beautiful open concept kitchen with the big island! 🙂


Stove top, microwave and oven! 



We are loving the size of the bathroom mirror! 🙂



Very spacious and nice!



Nice shower! Regular shower head and “Rain shower”.. that’ll be interesting :).



Floor to ceiling windows 🙂 



Absolutely LOVE the sliding bedroom doors!



View from our balcony 🙂 I believe they are talking about tearing down the ugly white old building on the right (I hope anyway!) lol.


So that’s my condo sneak peak! 

It has been an overly exciting day for us! 🙂 We are extremely excited to move in and start our condo life!




Today is THE day!

No, we’re not getting married.

I’m also not pregnant.


Today is the day we have been waiting for patiently for the last year! Today is the day that we get to go do the pre-inspection of our brand new condo! 🙂 I hadn’t mentioned it on here lately, I don’t think. But there had been a elevator worker strike which caused everything to be backed up for the dates and move-in date. Well they worked their magic, the strike ended and we might be able to move in at our original date (which is at the end of this month). Yikes!

So my next post today, will be overflowing with pictures of our condo, if you’re not a condo/picture person, don’t read it ;).

Count yourselves warned.

– A very happy and excited girl!


He’s the one, how do you know You’re the one?

Ok so let’s start this off by saying I truly believe that sometimes people make mistakes that do deserve to be forgiven.

That being said, my boyfriend and I started dating in January of 2012. Two months later he lost his job (where we met) and things were very stressful for him; having just moved to a new province for the job he held, and then losing it. Later that month he went away on a trip that he had planned for quite a while, with his friend.

I found out later in the year that while being away on his trip he had made an error in judgment. Although there are no excuses for not being faithful to your partner, I decided to forgive him.  It took me a while to get over it, but I did because I love him and I do truly believe it has only happened once.

Last night after the Canada Day “festivities” we returned home to find out John had grabbed his friends’ set of keys by accident. It was late at night but he decided to drive there and give him his set of keys. When I woke up this morning, I saw that his friend had sent me 3-4 texts asking where John was and when he would be over, two hours after he had left home his friend told me he had finally arrived.

When I read those texts my heart skipped a beat, instantly my mind wondered if it had happened again. I forgave him and got over it, but for a second, I thought he had cheated on me. I woke him up and asked him where he had gone last night and apparently he had been sick- he did look pretty pale. I got up and continued with my morning routine, while I was in the shower I broke down and felt instantly bad for even doubting him. I know he loves me.

I love my boyfriend, more than anything. In the past year we have made it through things that some couples who have been married for many years don’t make it through. I look at my boyfriend and I see the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, how do I know he feels the same? I mean he has told me before that he wants to do that, but how do I know for sure that I amthe one” for him?

I’m not saying that I expect him to drop down on one knee and propose, let’s be honest here, he’s not exactly overly romantic. Also, we’ve only been together for seventeen months so a proposal is not something I expect from him. I don’t exactly know what it is exactly I am looking for, to be honest…

I guess I just need to know if we are or aren’t on the same page as far as our future together goes. I have put a lot aside to be with him and because I felt as though our future together looked promising. I would not hold it against him should he not feel the same, but I would expect that he tells me about it.

Sometimes I hate being a grown up.


Friends and money don’t mix;


Friends and finances surely start with the same letter, but they are meant to stay very far apart.

When I was younger I met someone, at first I couldn’t stand the sight of her, or the tone of her voice. I was only 11 and she was 10 but it felt like there was more than one year separating us. She tried over and over to be my friend and one day I just gave in. Shortly after that we were inseparable, we would always stay together, to the point my own father was almost calling her his daughter.

As the years passed and we got older, we still managed to stay close. Sometimes we wouldn’t talk for months but then when we did, we were able to pick up from where we had left off. She had a boyfriend for a couple of years who always did everything in his power to separate her from everyone in her life. When they broke up we started seeing each other on a regular basis again. Soon after that she found another boyfriend and like every teenager, she was spending all the time possible with him.

Then I got my very first car and everything changed, suddenly she was interested in being back in my life “full-time”, with her boyfriend, of course. I had just gotten a loan to help me pay for some of the things I needed that were expensive and I had about 1700$ left over as a financial cussion.

I was happy, my friend wanted to spend more time with me and I had missed her. Every now and then we would go out and she claimed to have no money, so I would pay for her supper with the deal that she would pay me back on her next paycheque. Her boyfriend at the time was away in University about an hour and a half away, so she would persuade me to drive there and see him quite often, I of course being the one to pay for everything; gas, pizza, alcohol… Again with the promise that I would be paid back in full- to thank me for lending her money and driving her everywhere.

Then one week her mother had left and she asked me to go live with her for the week so that she wouldn’t be alone. Her mother had left her quite a bit of money for grocery and cab rides to- and from- university (she was also going to university at the time). However, somehow, I got talked into paying for the groceries (which came to be a little over 200$) for the week and had to drive her to school while she spent all the money that her mother had left for us- on herself.

It was all in good fun, and she would always promise to pay me back-this however, changed from “when I get paid” to “after my trip at the end of the month”. Looking back I realized this should have been my red flag (probably the fifth one, at least). Things started adding up and my account was getting lower and lower every passing day. My friend ended up getting fired from her job and I was getting worried, that’s when I started thinking.

About a week before she left for her trip with her family, we were texting and I mentioned to her that she amount she owed me was getting quite high, around 1300 to be exact. I was getting worried; she had no job, so how would she pay me back? When I decided to bring it up to her, very nicely, she completely changed. She accused me of lying, and said that she never told me she owed me anything nor would pay me back, for anything.

I was shocked; this was not the friend I knew. The friend I knew had always been there for me, years before that as well.

During her trip, we barely talked, I was pretty angry (I think I had every right to be). When she came back I asked to talk to her and we met at her place. The person I once called my best friend, the one I confided everything to, was there, standing right in front of me; but the words that came out of her mouth were not the person I knew.

To this day, almost three years later, we still don’t really talk. She ended up paying me back a whole 40$ out of the 1300$ and refuses to even own up to her mistakes.

The point of this post is, even if someone is your best friend, even if you trust them with your life, do not let money get between the two of you. If the person is your real friend, they will understand if you don’t want to lend them money.


Let’s talk about the elephant in the room..

(pun intended)
This past year I have been the definition of a couch potato. I have, yes, been through a lot but that is absolutely no excuse. I have been eating anything I felt like and when I felt like it! Pretty bad eh?
Why is biking, running, roller blading, hiking, walking, such bad and scary words?
Well this past week I have been doing my “eating better” challenge and I feel a difference already :). I have simply been cutting out the junk food and have been eating better, without really exercising all that much- taking it one step at a time.
This evening something amazing happened in my mind, I had just finished eating a very light and healthy supper and I thought to myself “why don’t I go for a bike ride instead of just sitting here and watching tv“. I was very surprised with myself and my boyfriend even more so. Seeing his face light up with excitement and seeing how proud he was of me to even think about going biking- alone at that!… It’s a very big step for me.
I know, I’m the loser who gets off her lazy ass once and writes a blog about it. So what? I’m proud. My boyfriend is proud, therefor, I’m happy! 🙂


Deal breaker? Dream come true?


Growing up being a girl is different than being a boy. When you’re a boy you mostly think of objects you want to own- cars you want to buy, what color or make you want your car to be. You take every new thing as it comes. Being a girl, you dream of the day your loved one will propose, of your wedding day, of what your dress and your flowers will look like. Will it be in a church? Will it be on the beach? How many people will be there? Will you have your hair up, wear it down? Then you think of the house you want- big white house with the blue shutters (ok.. I have “The Notebook” on my brain..), the big backyard where your children will run and play in happiness.

Don’t get me wrong, I grew up wanting and thinking of all those things, but from a young age I realized what I wanted most in life- to be a mother. Yes I know, this coming from the girl who had that chance handed to her just a year ago but didn’t take it. But I wanted to be a mother when my life told me it was time, when I knew getting dinner on the table every night wasn’t going to be a challenge, or paying for those soccer & piano lessons my child will want.  Although my dreams of becoming a mother were a little different than most, I wanted two children; one of my own and one adopted.

When I was younger I saw a movie and the mother had adopted a Chinese baby, soon I was telling all my friends with a big smile on my face- from ear to ear- without even knowing what adoption really meant. As I got older that dream of mine became something I wanted more and more. I never really spoke seriously to someone about it because it was my “secret”, it was my dream and for once I just wanted to have something of my own.

Now my future as a mother is getting closer as I turn another year older, I’m realizing that my dream, what I want and cherish so much is quite a big deal. Big enough to be a deal breaker, perhaps? Now I am in a relationship with the person that I see myself spending the rest of my life with, I have found my best friend, the person who truly gives meaning to unconditional love. But how do I mention this?

It’s not exactly something you mention while at the dinner table “sweetheart could you pass me the gravy? Oh and by the way I want to adopt a child from China”.  So how do you mention it? What do you do if the person doesn’t share the same views and wants as you? Do you compromise? Lets face it, there is no compromising- you either adopt or you don’t.

So if the person doesn’t share the same feelings as you, do you break up? Or do you put your lifetime dream aside?

Only time will tell what the future brings; that’s the most beautiful thing about life.. Tomorrow is unknown.


The smallest things mean the most to others..


Most of us don’t even realize how easy it is to make a stranger’s day.

A simple smile.

A simple “Hello”.

A simple “thank you”.

A simple “How are you today?”.

The most simple things can bring a smile- even if only for an instant– to someone’s face. Humans now a days think that in order to make someone happy you need to buy them something. False.

Say hello to a complete stranger.

Help that old lady cross the road.

Give your seat to an elder on the bus.

Put a couple coins in that man’s guitar case who stands there all day, sometimes without water, to play on the side of the road.

Let someone go ahead of you while driving.

Give your spot to someone in line at the grocery store.

Small, simple and easy things, go a long way in life.


Money doesn’t buy happiness; but it sure pays the bills!

Why is it that when we first meet someone, one of our first questions is “what do you do in life”? “oh I’m a dentist” or “I’m a surgeon” or “I’m a garbage truck driver”.. Instantly, without realizing it, your mind wonders how much they make per year. Why do we think that because someone makes more money, it instantly means that they are happier? Most of the time it’s actually the complete opposite. Take Mr. Garbage Truck Driver, he may be a lot happier than Mr. Surgeon, but no one would think so, why is that?

If money matters so much, why don’t we learn more about it in school? Why do we learn about so many things that we will most likely not use even once in your lifetime, but we don’t learn about THE one thing we will use for the rest of our lives?

About 75% of teenagers/young adults who come out of school basically get handed a credit card because they are now “old enough” but are they wise enough? I was handed a credit card and built an amazing credit, I didn’t know how to be money-smart though. Just like most young adults who got handed a credit card; I spent money like there was no tomorrow.

I wish I had been forced to sit through classes of learning about finances.. Three years after my first credit card was handed to me, I had triple the amount of cards in my wallet and my credit score was getting lower and lower. Now I’m stuck with paying funds of cards that I spent two years ago. Money is incredibly important in life, learning about it, knowing how to use it, everything about it is important!

At the age of 22 years young, I am now finally starting to realize the importance of it and I am working on having everything paid off. Have you ever been in this situation? What worked to help you save without spending?!

Thanks for reading :).


Raising a puppy in all its glory.

I can’t believe I have waited this long to start blogging. So many thoughts I wanted to share with someone other than my boyfriend and family. Sometimes I sit and wonder if I’m the only one who feels a certain way..

So in January 2013 we bought this beautiful puppy and named her Ellie. Image

Ellie is a purebred Golden Retriever and she was the runt of her litter. When we went to pick up Ellie (who was supposed to be Parker) we we’re driving there and thought we would arrive home with a male.. When we got there and saw the litter (Ellie had two sisters and three brothers) we first decided we would take all the males out but couldn’t figure out which one was meant to be ours. I looked over and saw the females and one stood out- she was smaller than all her brothers and sisters. I asked to see that one and instantly fell in love!

After we brought Ellie home, it wasn’t long before we fell completely in love with her. She was perfect, she couldn’t make her way up the stairs and everything she did- good or bad- was perfect, just perfect! I would spent countless days just cuddling with her and enjoying her company.


Then , as the months went by and she got bigger, that meant we had to buckle up and be responsible dog owners. Let the fun begin! They would say.

Quickly after all the “cuteness” wore off, we realized we were in for a treat… Not the kind of treat you get at the candy store, no, the “pick-up-my-poop-because-I’m-cute” treat. Yes of course we knew what kind of responsibilities came with being a dog owner- both my boyfriend and I being responsible people.

Ellie was growing like a bad weed and so was her attitude. Sometimes I felt like she knew she was mocking me by doing things she wasn’t “allowed” to do but would do it anyway. Sometimes I felt like I had my own “Marley and me” thing going on. There were days when I didn’t know if I wanted to strangle her (Don’t worry.. I don’t mean this literally!!!)  or love her! But at the end of the day, love was always what we felt.

Ellie is now seven months old- that’s what, like a teenager in dog years? She is on obedience class number 5! 😉 And she is growing into this beautiful, remarkable, smart, loving and caring dog! Yes, she is caring! She wants more than nothing to please us, and I’m so glad that we picked her! Training sometimes can be tough, sometimes you feel like all the training you tried was working and then you have that one moment when it feels like you’re back at zero.. But overall, it’s so rewarding! : )

Here’s our little-not-so-little-anymore Ellie!


If you’re a dog owner and want to leave tips and tricks on training that has worked for you or know of some, please feel free! 🙂 Or if you are a fellow dog owner in need of some tips/tricks, by all means, ask away!!! I’d be more than happy to share what has and hasn’t helped us!