Yesterday I got home from work and Andrew and I sat down and talked. He mentioned he wanted to start juicing again, funny enough I had been thinking of the exact same thing that afternoon. There’s one catch to Andrew’s new adventure though, what that means is that we are starting a ten day journey where we will […]

The most simple way to make her smile.

It doesn’t take a trip to the Bahamas, or a bouquet of flowers, or a box of chocolate or even a paid evening out. Making your loved one smile is as easy as showing them every now and then that you love them and are thinking about them. A simple “have a good day at […]

Marriage isn’t like going out for ice cream.

By reading someone else’s post I was inspired to talk about a subject that means a lot to me; marriage. Before reading any further, please know that this is my blog and I write things as I see it, so I apologize if it is hurtful in any way.   Marriage and the true meaning […]

Four adults, six cats and a dog.

Yes, you read that right. In the last few posts I mentioned that we were moving into our brand new condo next week. Well, we were informed that we can move our belongings in there, however we cannot physically live there as of yet. The city needs to give a permit for each and every floor, basically […]

How you know you found the one.

Andrew (formally referred to as John) and I have gone through more things in our 18 months together than some people do in 25 years of marriage. We’ve had our fights. We’ve had our rough spots. We’ve had our amazing times together. We’ve shared laughs. We’ve shared tears. We have gone through numerous things early on in […]

Condo living, here we come! :D

As mentioned in the previous post, these are the pictures from our pre-inspection of our condo.. 🙂 Condo from the outside!   My favorite place in the entire condo, our beautiful open concept kitchen with the big island! 🙂 Stove top, microwave and oven!    We are loving the size of the bathroom mirror! 🙂   […]

He’s the one, how do you know You’re the one?

Ok so let’s start this off by saying I truly believe that sometimes people make mistakes that do deserve to be forgiven. That being said, my boyfriend and I started dating in January of 2012. Two months later he lost his job (where we met) and things were very stressful for him; having just moved […]

Money doesn’t buy happiness; but it sure pays the bills!

Why is it that when we first meet someone, one of our first questions is “what do you do in life”? “oh I’m a dentist” or “I’m a surgeon” or “I’m a garbage truck driver”.. Instantly, without realizing it, your mind wonders how much they make per year. Why do we think that because someone makes […]